Proper solution design directly impacts the success of the final product. We offer complete solution design services, including business analysis, requirements definition, graphics design, UI, and UX.


Every project is assigned a balanced team of fully managed engineers that are not only technology experts, but have the soft skills to work with your team effectively. Seasoned Project Management ensures accurate project delivery.


We support our clients with performance and stress testing, penetration testing, standards compliance, and security audit in addition to the classic black, white and grey box testing to ensure the proper quality level for each product.

and Support

Product life continues after delivery, so we offer continuation services to support future enhancements, Tier 2 and 3 product support, upgrades, and other necessary maintenance to support your customers.


We can help you efficiently manufacture larger volumes of your product with proven quality and performance, reliable schedule, and a better profit margin.

Due Diligence
and Consulting

Complete review and assessment of an existing product or prototype to evaluate solution strength, ensure compliance with requirements, and ability to support product roadmap enhancements. Other specialized technical consulting services performed by a Lead Architect for a niche area.

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Technical Expertise

We specialize in enterprise-grade software development, mission-critical applications, consumer-market-ready products, and complex multi-component systems. Our expertise include:


Extensive experience with Zigbee, BLE, Wi-Fi, 6LowPan, and others. BitRange Technologies experience includes developing stacks, profiles, creating solutions from scratch or based on existing MAC or higher levels, RF product testing, Zwave to Zigbee conversions, and integrations.


System-level and embedded software development, including middleware, wireless protocols, porting, wireless stacks, embedded database engine, real time operating systems, OS-less firmware, OTA upgrades for wireless communication devices, and consumer electronics firmware.

Analytics / Big Data / AI

Building customized analytical solutions over large data sets. If you have a need to migrate your data from SQL to NoSQL, build fast and reliable SQL queries over NOSQL collections of data, implement profound analytical models, including prediction algorithms, consumer hardware reliability analysis, algorithms for solving business problems, risk analysis, and others.


Scalable, high-availability, high-performance backend solutions, including custom cloud, integration with Amazon, Google, and others.

Frontend / UI and UX

Modern frontend solutions with focus on usability and user experience tailored for the product's target user base.


BitRange Technologies' experience goes beyond the intuitive user interface and convenient features to complex application design, including OS-level event handling, Bluetooth Low Energy operations and manipulation, WiFi integration, GPS services, phone-based pedometer implementation, and middleware. BitRange Technologies provides native and cross-platform mobile solutions.


Distributed ledger design, implementation, customization, and extension, integration with existing services or design of new identity provider services, integrations with existing platforms that currently utilize blockchain, Smart Contracts design and implementation, Secure communication/messaging, and Wallets.

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Industries We Serve

Engagement Models

Turnkey Project

  • BitRange is responsible for entire project from Spec development through Delivery and Support
  • Work estimated to the hour
  • Fully managed team
  • Time & materials or fixed price

Dedicated Team

  • Fully managed, dedicated team to use at your discretion
  • Flexible plans: month-to-month or long-term staffing based on FTE commitment
  • Cost reduction benefits for longer commitment

A La Carte Services

  • Implements part of a project
  • Perform component integration
  • Collaboration with the rest of the project team
  • Time & materials or fixed price

Hourly Consulting

  • Technology expert consulting
  • All work performed by Architect/Lead Engineer level
  • Hourly rates apply

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